galerie weissraumは京都市左京区川端丸太町に拠点を置くギャラリーです。

当ギャラリーは国際的なネットワークを持っております。1999年に藤井隆也によって設立されて以来、日本を始めヨーロッパの現代美術の作品を展示して参りました。スコットランド エジンバラの大学「エジンバラ カレッジ オブ アート」やイタリア ボローニャの「ラカバ デレ アーティ」とのパートナーシップを結んでおり相互で展覧会を開くなど精力的に取り組んでおります。2014年2月に京都市左京区川端二条より川端丸太町に移転し、これからも変わらず国際色豊かで枠にとらわれず運営して参ります。




Welcome to Weisraum

Weissraum is a world-class art-centre for international, exchange development and exhibition of art and culture. Located on the east side of the Kamo riverbank, close to, Kyoto Imperial Palace, the gallery is famous for wonderful view of the Kamo-river. Founded by prominent, Kyoto artist Takaya Fujii in 1999, his goal was to build bridges between Japanese and International Artists and Art-Institutions. Since then the Gallery’s aim has been to make art accessible to audiences, for a better understanding of the importance of art, artists and creativity and their impact on the understanding of cultures and individual lives.

The Gallery’s International, Interactive Programme includes exhibitions, commissions’ abroad, interpretation, education, talks and publishing in both print and electronic forms. Gallery facilities include art-studios and a bar. The Gallery is physically accessible and family-friendly.

(*) The name Weissraum was chosen by Takaya as homage to his long-lasting relationship with Düsseldorf Art Studios, Germany, his artistic, inspirational source and the Buddhist principle of existence, impermanent and unfinished.

Weissraum NPO (Organization information)

Weissraum is a non-profitable organization that has established itself as a cultural hub for the exchange and education practice of contemporary arts , design and community engagement. Since the beginning, its objective as an art gallery has been to create a social gathering space for the opening of minds to art. The purpose of artists represented in the “RAUM” exhibition’s room, has been to show various new artistic approaches, leading to better cultural and life understanding.

Weissraum would like to thanks to all its audiences and artists who have supported the organization throughout the years by visiting, attending, participating, enjoying, challenging and questioning.

Our Mission & Core Values

Weissraum mission

weissraum promotes the development of cultural exchange through arts and exhibition by providing opportunities for artists and art institutions to create and for audiences to engage actively with their work for the celebration of life and culture.

Weissraum core values

Ambitious, Bold, Committed, Meaningful, Imaginative, Magical and Hard Working.


Gallery Space: Located in the prestigious district of Kawabata-Marutamachi, near Kyoto’s Imperial Palace, Weissraum is a beautifully presented spacious gallery and exhibition venue for hire.

Situated on the east side of the Kamo riverbank, five minutes from Kyoto’s Imperial Palace, the gallery is famous for its unique view of the Komo-river.

As NPO (non profitable organization), we are one of the biggest yet most economical gallery in Kyoto. Our rent price is 55,000 yen per week. The gallery can be rented per week, with a maximun of three weeks. In the case that artist chose to ship us their art work, shipping cost will be charged.

To apply, we request a 350 words statement of your exhibition-work, accompanied by photographic samples of your artwork or website link.

As a NPO, (non profitable organization), we welcome the opportunity to support art projects exchanges, especially in the field of life and cultural understanding. We strongly advise you to apply for funds through the relevant foundations in your country.

We waive gallery fees from time to time for individuals or organizations that meet the above criteria and who can show evidence of declined, funds applications, through the relevant foundations in their country.

Please contact Weissraum, for further information and details of availability at here .

Gallery Facilities 

Gallery facilities available include:

WIFI (802.11ac)
Installation/ hanging tools

On demand, we can also arrange telephone and fax numbers, (billed according to usage).

We have many years’ experience organizing exhibitions and are happy to help with all aspects of exhibition coordination. As well as recommending local suppliers and sub-contractors, we can provide assistance with planning private view events and evening receptions.



Please download from here blueprint.